Friday, November 15, 2019

Annabell Crochet Baby Doll Dress

Every so often I start out to make a pattern and it doesn't happen or only part of it works for me. I've learned not to push it too hard or it can break the crochet spirit so to speak. Sometimes a doll outfit isn't right for this time. I started to make a dress from petite designs which you can purchase here. The dress wasn't working for me, but I loved the hat. Where time was a factor I moved on to the next outfit.

I had printed Annabell's Crochet Dress and decided I had to attempt this as part of the doll project. You can find the free pattern here. It had such a dainty almost lacy look to it. When I first looked at the picture I wasn't sure if this was crocheted in thread or yarn. To ease your mind I will tell you the dress is made in 4 ply yarn. This was another great project to use up yarn. I had some left over yarn from a special project I'd made a few years ago for her and now her doll has a dress from the same yarn.

This dress is another that works up quickly. While I think it looks dainty and lacy, it was very simple to create. Again you will see no booties, although the pattern does have them if you'd like to try them for your doll. I did try but the doll didn't like them. This time they were too big and I couldn't fit them. I have a suspicion this doll is going to spend most of its life shoe less.

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