Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Light Bulb Hot Pad

I've always liked holiday dishcloths and hot pads or pot holders. I find they are both practical and decorative. They add a little holiday color and feel without taking up valuable work space in my kitchen. I'm trying to test out some patterns this year to see which ones I like before seeing if they'd make good gifts.

I like this one, but I even in the picture of the pattern you will see it doesn't lay completely flat if that is an issue for you with hot pads. I was gifted one prior to this and I've found the little bump hasn't been an issue for keeping the pans balanced on top. The weight usually keeps the item flat.

You can purchase this pattern here. As I mentioned previously in a blog about Mary Maxim, e-pattern central has frequent sales. If you want this pattern and you have time to wait, I'd suggest waiting on one of their sales to pick up the pattern.

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Veronica Lee said...

Love your light bulb hot pad. So cute!

Happy Tuesday!

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