Thursday, December 10, 2020

Knight Hand Puppet

This is the knight to go with the dragon hand puppet I posted previously. I have a castle theme gift set going out to two little ones this year. One is getting the hand puppets the other the castle with the finger puppets. I hope at a later date to finish the princess and prince but that isn't going to happen for this Christmas box. Time is quickly running out to finish items and ship. You can find the free pattern here.

The only big change I will make when I make the prince which is a variation on the knight puppet is to increase the arm hole chains. I found the arms a little tighter on this puppet than on the dragon and I think it has to do with attaching the arms. Not a huge change but one worth mentioning as I tend to consult these pages for notes for future projects.

You don't have to sew the sword or shield to the puppet's hands. I chose to do both as I doubted either would last long without being lost forever if I didn't. I really liked the shield and sword pattern and could easily see using those on future ami projects.

I can tell it is getting time to mail this box as I am finding myself wanting to make doll clothes again and I haven't made any since summer. Yet around Christmas I always start up again. This year I'm even more eager as I have a few new dolls being added to the donation so I get to experiment with some new ideas.

Still nothing can get started until I finish what needs to be mailed.

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Jayne said...

What a fab hand puppet. Your creations are adorable and make really lovely playsets for little ones. #MMBC.

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