Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Worm in an Apple

I mentioned in my Lowly Worm post I started on a different project with Lowly in mind. This is that project. As I worked on the apple it quickly became clear that if I added the hat and the shoe Lowly would never fit through the apple so another plan needed to be created. That being said the apple was almost completed so why not finish the project and make him a friend of Lowly's to send with the package. You can find this pattern in Zoomigurumi 4 a series that has become kind of a go to for my children's book projects.

I made the apple using worsted weight yarn and an e hook. To make the worm fit I went with cotton sport yarn and a b hook. The book suggests you can use the same yarn but I increased the size of the apple and I still found with decreasing the size of the yarn and the hook size it was a tight fit for the worm.

My Christmas mailing deadline is drawing near so I am budily working on finishing up my Christmas box projects so they can head off. Then it will be time to start on doll donations with an eye towards the Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day boxes as they creep up really fast after Christmas.

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Marielle said...

Such a cute idea! I love these characters that go with stories. Well done! Thanks for sharing.

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