Thursday, December 31, 2020

Lots to Love 10 Inch Doll Diapers

One of the advantages of working with so many different doll sizes is when you make something you have a pretty good chance that it will fit one of them.

Those of you who follow this blog know I have been making doll clothes for this donation project for some time. While there are some go to patterns that I return to year after year because they are quick to complete and guarenteed to work every year I try to try new things that keep the project interesting. Some are small projects others more daring. This year I came across this free diaper pattern you can find here.

I've never made diapers for the 10" Lots to Love Dolls and I didn't set out to do that when I made the first one of these. The pattern suggested they were made for Baby Alive which I believe to be a 14" doll. So I was thinking these might work for the JC Toys, Lots to Love Babies 14 inches Baby Doll but that didn't work out. As I mentioned above one of the advantages of donating multiple sizes is most of the time when I make something one of the dolls can use it. So while I hadn't intended to put diapers on the 10 inch doll it now has two and I'll likely make these for next year as they work up quickly.

I narrowed the the crotch section to make it fit through the legs by using decreasing sc rows with a g hook until I was through the crotch section then once passed the crotch I returned to the H hook and DC and increased the rows to get back to the required stitch count, ending in the sc row.

If I incldue diapers for the dolls I try to make 2 so the doll can wear one and then the child has a diaper to "change" the doll into.

The advantage of cloth diapers for dolls is they are reusable. I crochet mine but other people sew them and they all serve the same purpose. I know my now adult nieces used to get frustrated when the disposable diapers that came with their dolls were finished off. Most of the non-cloth doll diapers aren't reusable and even when parents have the resources to keep buying new doll diapers they aren't always easy to find the size that fits your child's doll.

It is a more practical solution if I'm donating dolls to give parents a resource that doesn't need to be replaced. There are lots of free patterns that can be adapted to different sized dolls if your child wants diapers to dress the dolls and you don't want to keep investing in disposable ones.

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