Thursday, December 3, 2020

Warrior Princess Finger Puppet

This is the warrior princess I spoke about in the post about the knight finger puppet. You can find the free pattern here

The princess and the dragon were really what drew me to this set. They were different from what I had seen in castle finger type puppets and I really wanted to make sure they made the journey with the castle tote.

Like the knight this puppet is primarily made with Omega Sinfonia cotton sport yarn. As I mentioned with the knight for some of the smaller details there are other brands of cotton sport yarn scraps I used to make details on the face, the hair, etc.

The pony tail was a creative addition to the hair and I had fun seeing how that came together. I liked the skirt addition to her armour but found getting it centered in the front was slightly more challenging than I thought it would be when I began as I'd done this before with some of the 18 inch doll princess dresses.

Her sword is felt and also sewn rather than glued on for the reasons I discussed regarding the knight finger puppet.

Now I need to finish the dragon and I can decide what other finger puppets will be living in the castle.

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