Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Barbie Tennis Skirt and Top

I'm working through a 1995 Leisure Arts Fashion Doll Leaflet Vacation Fashion Doll Wardrobe and decided to make the tennis outfit. I realize there are more modern looks in tennis these days but not necessarily more modern Barbie patterns.

Since I have this one I thought I'd send Barbie off with a vintage tennis outfit. I've got the skirt finished for Skipper so she'll have a matching outfit. I just need to resize the pattern for the top to fit Skipper so Barbie will have a partner to play tennis with when she reaches her new home after the Christmas donation. I'm trying to track down mini tennis racquets. I have a couple of leads and I'll post information if I find them.

I used my Tulip Etimo Rose Steel Crochet Hook-Size 0/1.75mm for Barbie's skirt. The 1.5 mm hook ended up working for Skipper.

The top was a bit more challenging. I needed to go down to a 1.25mm hook and drop some rows as the shirt was too long for Barbie. When I made the first shirt with a 1.5mm shirt it actually fit Ken but it didn't look good on him.

I still need to finish Skipper's tennis top but I am trying to finish the Ocean Play Tower so it can be mailed at the end of June for my July birthday box. I'm hoping to make more ocean creatures for the overall theme but this structure is close to being done and I want to have it ready to mail.

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Shami Immanuel said...

Beautiful skirt and Top.

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