Wednesday, January 19, 2022

16 Inch Doll B & B Sweater Set

Every year I work at using up my stash yarn but this past fall I decided to get more organized to enhance the process. I started the ongoing process of sorting through my yarn, but this year instead of burying the left over balls of yarn from my doll projects I put them in a place that is easily accessible and I've started to think about projects for the dolls that could use the left over balls of yarn. I've been going there first to find yarn that might work for my project before going to a full skein of yarn.

That is how we ended up with this purple sweater set as the first outfit for the JC Toys - La Baby16-inch Baby Doll donation. I had a large lighter purple ball and a medium sized purple ball of yarn and decided those would be my colors for the free B and B sweater set that you can find here. The picture is a little misleading while it shows a hat for the set the pattern is not included. I looked at her other free baby doll patterns and used the hat pattern from the Mon Petite Chou free pattern here.

I used an I hook for the sweater, the shoes and the hat. I followed the directions pretty much as written except I didn't use the top button on the sweater. I chose to go my own path with the pants.


I used an H hook

Ch 56 and Join

DC for 7 rows

Split evenly for legs chain 4 and join.

DC 2 DC dec around leg

sc chain 3

Repeat for other leg

These are just my notes in case I lose the pattern. They are not designed to be a written pattern. I am just finding having more written notes to be helpful.

I'm left with a medium sized ball of the light purple yarn and enough purple to use for trim for a project. I'm going to be looking for opportunities to finish them both off as my donation projects continue.

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Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Sounds like the old expression "waste not want not" to me. Glad you're able to find your yarn when needed

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