Monday, January 3, 2022

Lil Cutesies Purple Dress, Knickers, Hat and Shoes

I took time off around Christmas to take care of all the wonderful and busy tasks that come with the holiday. I've since updated the pictures on the Christmas post as I use these posts to remind myself of projects I've made in previous years. I come back and post about the projects because the pictures merely show what I made they don't describe anything I might want to remember about the project.

I gave 2 Lil Cutesies Baby Dolls as Christmas gifts and then made clothes to send with them. I was able to post about some of them before Christmas but I want to finish posting the outfits so I'll have my notes for the donation projects next year.

This is a UK pattern from Petite Dolls that you can purchase here.

I've been getting better about reading patterns with UK terms but I did make notes at the top of each page to remind myself of the US translations as some of the terms were not the standard UK DC to US sc and that made the pattern easier to follow. I didn't need to write the terms above each direction as I used to but I found trying to work without any hints was less than succesful.

The pattern calls for 4 ply yarn I used baby yarn for this pattern and the fit was fine with an e hook. While this pattern shows a flower on the hat there is not a pattern. I have at least 2 patterns for flowers and hopefully next year when I tackle this pattern for the donation I will add one. I was on a fairly tight deadline to finish these for Christmas so I chose to finish and keep moving with these final outfits for the holiday.

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Kim Carberry said...

Happy new year!
What a cute outfit. I love the colour x

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