Friday, January 28, 2022

16 Inch Doll Diaper Round 2

While I do add new patterns and sometimes new dolls to the donation each year, there are routine tasks to finish because for some child this doll set is new and not something experienced before so they do want all the goodies that the last child received. So I come to the need to make the little diaper bag accessories each year. I try to spread them out across other doll projects because they can be repititous but they do add some fun to doll play.

To save myself time and to get some items I just can't make I added the Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Time to Eat Feeding Set several years ago. It has the magic feeding bottles, play baby food jars and a feeding set. I used to make the bottles but these are more fun and far less time consuming for me to make. I still make bibs because I've found the generic ones that come with these kits don't always fit the various sized dolls.

I continue to make diapers because they fit the dolls I send and its just another fun pretend play aspect of having a baby doll made easier. Parents can debate cloth or disposable diapers when it comes to real children but for toys if your doll is not one that wets having cloth is a much easier plan.

As I mentioned in my previous post I've adapted this free pattern still available on the Wayback machine here to fit the JC Toys - La Baby 16-inch Baby Doll using worsted weight 4 yarn and an I hook. I finally changed the hook size on my printed pattern as I still went with a K hook for the first one this year and it is a bit roomy. I need two more for the second 16 donation doll and I can move on to the other baby dolls.

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