Friday, January 21, 2022

16 Inch Doll Diaper

They are not the most exciting projects in the world but I do try to get an early start on them every year because I try to send 2 with each of the larger baby dolls so they can be "changed." The crocheted diapers may not be as realistic as traditional cloth diapers but they are more practical than the disposable doll diapers that one has to keep buying as it can be hard to reuse them. These are pretty sturdy and they give allow for pretend play.

I need 4 diapers to send off with the JC Toys - La Baby16-inch Baby Doll diaper bags this year. I'll need 2 for the 14 inch dolls as well.

I've been using this pattern forever because its free and easy. I have to keep checking because its only available through the Wayback machine but thankfully as of writing this post it was still there to share with you. You can find the free diaper pattern here.

I used a K hook for these but I made a note last year which I missed to try a smaller hook perhaps an I to see how they fit. If they are too small they will likely fit the JC Toys - Lots to Love 14" Baby Doll.

The diapers are going to be another left over yarn ball stash busting project as I have a giant ball of white to finish off.

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Jayne said...

Stash busting projects are the most satisfying! :)

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