Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Five Point Diamond Prayer Shawl

This was the first shawl I started making as I had a supply of Caron Simply Soft Yarn in Orchid I wanted to finish off. The pattern can be found in Make in a Weekend Shawls. I've never made this one as a prayer shawl but I loved it when I made it for myself to wear with a dress to a wedding when I needed a little extra warmth. Knowing how much I've loved it over the years I thought it would be a nice prayer shawl.

The reason this wasn't my first prayer shawl was I ran out of Caron and had some weird issues with delayed orders. However, I finally found what I needed and the shawl is completed.


I suspect I will be coming back to this shawl as it is a pretty shawl and I have more Caron Simply Soft to finish off.

I used a K hook for this pattern.

I used pins/markers in the beginning rows to keep track of where the rows started and ended. As the shawl increased this became easier to determine but the pins were helpful. I do need to remember to check for them as it took me two tries to find all of them as I was finishing it off.

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