Friday, October 13, 2023

Our Generation Bathing Suit

With this finished swim suit I am down to 2 to finish my yearly challenge. I need one more for the 16 Inch Baby Doll and one more for the My Life doll and all dolls will leave with a suit in their donation bag.

This pattern is one of Darski's free patterns found in her Weatherby set here.


I used a K hook for the first 2 rows of the bathing suit as I couldn't get it to slide over hips with smaller hooks. I went back to an I hook after that and the bathing suit fit fine. For similiar issues I used a K hook for cover and the visor.

I added a row of dc front post stitches to the visor prior to adding the suggested front post stitches as it added some bulk to the visor and made it less floppy.

I've made this outfit a couple of times now for the Our Generation doll and next year I think I'd like to try one of the other bathing suit patterns and see if I can find one that fits without being quite as bulky as this one.


Barbara H. said...

So cute! I don't crochet, but I have find memories of my grandmother doing so. Any time she sat down without some other task to do, she was working on a crochet project.

Stephanie said...

Very cute. I love the color that you went with. Thank you for sharing with us over at Crazy Little Love Birds link party #9.

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