Monday, March 4, 2024

My Life Cinderella

I have several versions of crochet Cinderalla patterns that fit the 18 inch dolls but Sweet Silver Creations is my favorite. It has a balance between being elegant and achievable for a donation project. I like the Adoring Dolls one I made for the Our Generation Doll because it is quick and easy but it lacks the elegance of this outfit. I have an Annie's one that is one my some day list but it requires more time and patience than I have at the moment.

This pattern, as do all her princess patterns, takes a significant amount of yarn. I went through a good bit of the dark shade of blue in a Caron Pounder for this project. This is a note to myself to have a Pounder on hand to start the project. I've gotten by with left over balls of the light blue for this project in previous years. This year I had a full skein and no left overs to use up.

You can purchase the pattern here. I used the shoes from her School Uniform pattern but sadly that pattern is no longer listed on her Etsy site. It's a quick and easy pattern when I don't want shoes with a strap.


I used an H hook for the dress and an F hook for the shoes. This year despite the pattern directions I finished the back with a button hole and closed with a button instead of a snap. I just was in the mood for a button. I did use a snap for the collar.

I also choose not to follow the pattern directions for creating the arm holes. The pattern ends the yarn and continues. I skip the stitches and continue in the style I normally make arm holes. I just find this to be an easier way to create the arms. I continue to follow the directions for creating the arms in the same row the yarn is written to end. It all works out for me.

With an H hook I ended at row 20 this year as the dress had reached floor length. Not sure if I've done this on previous projects but I'm making a greater effort to record my steps for future projects.


Debra | Gma'sPhoto said...

Your needle work is amazing! The patience it takes I could not even imagine. I appreciate the work, but no way could I do this. I will enjoy seeing all your patterns. Thanks for visiting Gma'sPhoto!
Take care and best wishes.

Debra | Gma’sPhoto

Sheltie Times said...

I learned later in life to crochet when my Aunt was still alive thankfully to teach me. While I make some basic outfits for the donation, I try to include some fancier stuff too. I hope it makes the kids getting the dolls feel special.

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