Wednesday, January 11, 2012

50 Ripple Stitches

50 Ripple Stitches has been on my list of books to buy since Annie's Attic started showing previews of it. My DH bought me a copy of it for Christmas and I have been enjoying looking through the styles and thinking about future projects.

One reason I wanted this book was that unlike many ripple patterns this book does not chart the whole afghan, but provides you with a style of ripple and the math to use it in any type of pattern you desire. I have never been good at figuring out the math for ripples. Therefore, when a style I like is too large or too small I have never been sure what the formula is to make it smaller or larger. This book provides you with the math for each ripple pattern.

I also like the variety and style of ripple patterns. While I will likely never get to make all 50, unlike many of these types of books there were only two that I could not see myself ever wanting to make.

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Anonymous said...

I've looked at this book several times and put it back on the shelf. Someday, I WILL buy it!

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