Tuesday, February 26, 2013

American Girl Hippy Outfit

I thought I was done making AG clothes for family members. Most of the girls seemed to have lost interest in the dolls and then Julie arrived for Christmas. While the other dolls had been interesting, for one girl in the family, Julie has become a hit. Julie is the AG doll from the 70's and as much as it pains me to admit it, that time period is now considered "historical." So, it appears I won't only be crocheting 18" doll clothes for charity.

At some point I had picked up Maggie Weldon's 18" Doll Hippy Wardrobe Pattern, so I decided this would make a great May birthday present now that I can actually use the size 10 thread required to make certain parts of the outfit.

I had a huge ball of white size 10 thread so I started with the shirt. This was actually my first clothing thread project and I loved working on it. As my thread crocheting improves, I think there will be less signs of issues with changes in tension. One disappointment is that I could not get the pants pattern to work. I tried it a couple of times, but I obviously misunderstood the directions. I went back to my fall back pattern Abby, Allie, and Annie and added a bell-bottom look to those pants. I loved the crocheted rainbows and flowers. I remember my older sisters and my mother embroidering details to clothing. I am not sure they ever considered crocheting them.

I am still hopeful I can finish the dress from this set to add to the birthday package going out in May. It will be nice for Julie to have some period clothing.

One of the added benefits of the project is it helped me work on my stash busting goals. Other than the thread, the rest of the yarn came from my rather overgrown stash that I am working on using up. The vest was made from yarn I used during for last year's doll donation projects. I joined a stash busting CAL at Crochetville and it is helping me focus on keeping track of what I acquire and what I am actually using for yarn.

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Lois Evensen said...

That is so scary: the 70's are historical! I better tell my daughter. ;)

Seriously, I love the outfit. Soooo cute!

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