Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hello Kitty Plane

I have one person on my Easter list that is starting to outgrown the Hello Kitty phase, but I thought would still appreciate something different. I saw the Hello Kitty Plane pattern on Etsy and my DH was kind enough to pick it up for me.

I really like this pattern, but I am not sure if it is the language barrier, the writer is from Spain, or if it is just a different style, the directions were extremely minimal. Not having seen the original Spanish pattern I do not know if the Spanish directions are more detailed and the problem is in the English translation or if this is just the way her patterns are written. Having only made this pattern, I cannot be sure this was just an issue for this pattern or if all are this minimal in their descriptions.

For instance, my plane is larger than I expected. There was no hook size listed and I went with the traditional G hook for ami's. When I went to look up the pattern link for this blog entry, the listing actually states the hook size C, but the written PDF does not. I have made a few cars and planes now, so I have a "general" idea how the patterns work, but if I had not this pattern would have been very frustrating as there are very limited explanations for how to assemble the plane. This is why I question the translation. The parts of the plane are carefully numbered and you are given instructions to make them. The picture is labeled with the parts. However, there are no directions about how to assemble the carefully numbered parts. In one case, I went back to Mysterious Cat's pattern to figure out how to approach a couple of items. I am not sure I would have finished this if it had been my first attempt at a vehicle.

Now that I have worked my way through the pattern, I can see making another one of these. With color changes and other animals, it would be a great boy's toy, too. I am glad I had the pattern to make, but a few more directions from the writer would make this a much better pattern for the general public.

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Jay Elle said...

Absolutely adorable!

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