Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jungle Play Mat

I love belonging to online crochet groups because they provide great support and leads. Recently a woman posted a request for help in finding a free pattern for a jungle set offered by Joann. I was intrigued, as I love toy sets. Someone kindly posted the link and I downloaded the pattern. I found the pattern here.

I altered the pattern slightly. I wanted a larger road so I changed the road. I love this pattern because it could easily be adapted to other themes. The first link includes the free pattern for the mat, huts, trees, rowboat, and a jeep. You have to go further into the site to find the animals. Some of the animals are knitted and some crocheted. I have been adding to the animals using some free patterns and using A Zoo For You (Leisure Arts #5152) that I bought a while back and had not had the chance to use.

I will be posting more pictures of the project. I have most of it completed. I am currently working on the hut. I still have to make the trees and hopefully a few more animals. This present is for a June birthday so I still have time. Then I have to get serious about my Christmas donations so I will have time to make my Halloween box projects.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering how to use the mat. I appreciate you putting the link to the idea in the blog so I could see how you'd use it. I'm a big nature fan, so I love the water design in it.

C.Mahan said...

This is too cute and would be great for older kids and their Lego sets!

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