Wednesday, January 22, 2014

American Girl Little Red Riding Hood

I received the Hooded Cape pattern for Christmas and thought it would make an interesting start for a Red Riding Hood outfit. I then needed a simple skirt and sweater pattern to complete the outfit.

I went back into my 18 inch doll pattern binder and pulled out the Abby, Allie and Annie pattern set, from Maggie's Crochet, for the skirt along with an out of print Springfield Collection Sweater Trio from Fibre Craft FCM494 for the sweater. The Abby, Allie, and Annie set is not only one of my favorite 18 inch patterns, but likely the one I use the most every year. I plan to start the pants soon, as it is the easiest pair I've found to make. I often substitute these pants when I find another pair that looks similar, but is more complicated to create. Fibre Craft printed a series of patterns for the Springfield doll. While out of print, they are generally not too hard to find in the market place. I was fortunate to have been gifted a set by my Aunt. However, I see them offered frequently at places that offer used crochet patterns and the prices are generally pretty reasonable.

I'm working on a St. Patrick's Day outfit that is far more complicated than I first realized. It has extra pieces that were not evident when I was looking at the pattern and requested it on one of last year's wishlists. I am finding the challenge fun. It is also nice to finally use up the yarn I bought for this project and then never got to use.

I attempted yesterday to pick up my donation dolls at A.C. Moore after seeing the paper and my email had provided me with 50% off coupons. Usually I can catch one 50% off coupon where the dolls aren't marked down and I get my 2 dolls for one. I suspected my effort would fail when yesterday; I received an email with a 55% coupon. Sure enough, the dolls were on sale and the coupons not valid. However, I did pick up some shoes for the dolls using the coupons. I don't think I was the only one with that idea. There was a significant dent in the shoe population. I was also able to pick up some sale yarn, so the trip was not wasted.

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C.Mahan said...

Adorable! Are you planning to make a wolf to go with it ;)

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