Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reader's Shawl

In the fall I decided for the first time to make something wearable for myself. I had looked at several reader's wraps and settled on one I found at Annie's called the Quick & Easy Cozy Crocheted Wrap. Quick fit my attention span and easy worked for my talent with wearables. I finished my shawl right after Christmas.

I thought I had enough Hobby Lobby yarn on hand, but found I had to reorder as one of the skeins was not the same color as the others despite the labels claims. I made mine slightly longer than the pattern called for, I wanted the pockets to fit comfortably. I find they are big enough they will even hold a skein of yarn while I'm crocheting.

I'm planning on experimenting with more wraps, but this has become my comfortable around the house warmer. I've never been a fan of sweaters, but this adds just the warmth I need on these cold days and when I'm too warm it shrugs right off.

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C.Mahan said...

This is pretty amazing! I have to wear sweaters in this old drafty house. I wish I didn't because the cuffs of the sleeves always seem to get ruined because I wear it when I am cooking and cleaning. So I have one sweater that is my house sweater. An old hoodie.

I love the coziness of this shawl. Super cute. Can't wait to see other colors and patterns you try.

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