Thursday, January 9, 2014

American Girl Witch

I have completed the first four donation outfits and they are all holiday related. Last year I put off doing the holiday outfits and I never got them done. This year I thought that by starting with them I would be more motivated to work on other types of outfits during the year.

The dress is a modified version of Darski's free Pilgrim dress found here. I shortened the dress, added a few extra stitches to make the skirt wider and did sc ch2 sc borders to give it a different look. The hat comes from Bizzy Crochet's Witch outfit. She has a whole outfit you can make, but this is easier for me. You can find her free pattern here.

One of the things I love about this dress is you can really do so many different things with it by changing the skirt, the color, and adding little things to it. It works up quickly and it is easy to make.

Now starts my annual sale hunt for the Springfield dolls. AC Moore often has the 50% off coupons, but they often put the dolls on sale the same week at less than the sale coupon. They don't allow you to use the coupon on sale items. If I'm patient I can sometimes find the dolls and the coupons that match up so I do get two dolls for the price of one. When I start hunting in January, my odds are better.

I want to try the soft bodied 15 inch baby dolls from Mary Maxim this year. I suspect the best discount I'm going to find on those is shipping. This year I'm going to need one as a model and one to donate. Since I'm working on some 5 inch dolls to donate I think that will be a nice balance. It all depends on how many baby doll items I finish. It would be nice to work up to two next year.

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