Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Elephant Leprechaun

Yes, we've finally reached the last of the holiday elephant amigurumis. I had to take a break and post about other things before returning to him, but he has the honor of finishing my ami posts for a bit. I've already started some doll clothes that I should be finishing well before this posts. Since I got so far behind on posting, I decided to catch up and prepost a bunch of entries taking me all the way from April into May.

This pattern is based on another one of Crochet Spot's holiday patterns Liam the Leprechaun. He can be purchased here. I was fortunate that a very kind person gifted him to me during one of Crochetville's wishlists. As with the Crochet Pilgrim I adapted the face so it would be elephant friendly. I added the trunk and ears from Red Heart's Baby Elephant found here.

After not being happy with the leg situation on the Pilgrim, I decided to go a different direction with the Leprechaun. I think I will do the same when making Liam for myself at some point. I didn't create the legs separately, I created them by separating them from the body and making them part of the core of the ami. I thought he looked better standing. He still isn't perfectly balanced, but he doesn't have the stubby look he gets when sitting.

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C.Mahan said...

This by far has to be the best thing ever. My love for elephants paired with my Irish heritage. This turned out really well. So adorable!!!

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