Wednesday, May 7, 2014

American Girl Sweater, Skirt, and Hat

This outfit was made using Darski's free pattern Harriet. I am a member of her Yahoo Duds for Dora group and this is one of the patterns she offers for free to that group. In general, she offers the same patterns on Crochetville, but I haven't seen this one, even though it was released in May of last year, so I can't provide a link. Updated it was added today and the link is here.

The original pattern was made in grey, but I decided to use up the purple Vanna's yarn I used in my previous project. The sweater was a fun project, using some interesting stitches and it was easy to put together. The hat was cute and fun. The only mistake I made with the skirt is the elastic was a little too large. I'm always concerned about the clothes being too tight for little hands to get on and off and this time her skirt rides just a little too low. A note for next time as it is a great skirt pattern. It works up quickly and could be made in different colors to go with a variety of outfits.

I have the bottom of the basket/cradle bed finished for the 12" baby doll donation. I started working on the sides. My N Bates Bamboo handle came off last night. I've never had one of those break before. It could be the strain working four pieces of yarn. DH is trying to glue the handle back on for me and I'll be looking for a replacement soon keeping this as a backup. I have to check and see if I have an old metal one still around. I'd like to keep working on this to get it finished.

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C.Mahan said...

Very pretty. I love the colors. Looks like it would be a good snuggle outfit!

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