Monday, November 24, 2014

Peter and Patty Pilgrim

I received this pattern from Crochet Spot as a gift some time ago. I adapted it to make holiday ami's for a swap, but never got back to making the original Peter and Patty Pilgrim as found in the pattern you can purchase here.

This was my final Thanksgiving project for the year. I had a couple of others I dug out that will have to wait until next year for me to get to them. It is time to get on those Christmas projects.

This is a fun project. The boy and girl work up differently. That being said, I made the boy even more different by choosing to alter the way the legs were made so I didn't have to sew them on. That wasn't possible with the way the girl was constructed. That is why she is considerably shorter than he. I was Ok with that. It was fun to work on the different styles of construction.

While I had adapted the boy's pattern previously to make animal Pilgrim decorations, this was my first attempt at making the girl and I was pleased with it. My house is looking considerably more festive for our Thanksgiving celebration with some new decorations. Perhaps next year I can add a few more.

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C. Mahan said...

Awww these are so cute.

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