Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Crochet Pilgrim Bears

Back in November of 2010, I made a set of these Pilgrim Bears using an adapted out of print Annie's Attic pattern, 8B040. It was hard to send them off to their new homes, but I did, always believing I'd get back to making myself another pair. Well this year I got to thinking about how fast Thanksgiving disappears with the long Halloween season and the rush to Christmas. So, I decided I'd try to make something special that I would have to remember not just this holiday, but hopefully many more Thanksgivings to come.

Most of the adaptations I made to the pattern are in the face. The Annie's pattern has a cute almost cartoon face, but I like the simpler face I chose for my bears. After having made the ears for the first set that stick out, I opted against that for this pair. I just didn't like the look as much as I do the way they look in my revised set. I also stuck with one color for the face this time and that seemed to be a better choice too, looking back at the older pictures.

The pumpkins are from a Mary Maxim kit I made in 2012. I put them out when the Halloween stuff comes out and keep them out through Thanksgiving. I love the colors.

I'm working on a Pilgrim Boy at the moment. I just need to make his arms and sew them on. As time is running out, I'm not sure if I will attempt his sister this year. However, when the season started I had no hope of starting the bears so I feel pretty good about the additions I've made to our Thanksgiving decorations.

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Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

oh goodness those are adorable! My husband adores thanksgiving and gets so annoyed that it seems so overlooked each year

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