Friday, November 28, 2014

Tunisian Holiday Stripes Potholder

When I decided I wanted to learn Tunisian Crochet, I went a little crazy and picked up just about every book I could find because I just couldn't master the stitches. After hitting a wall I put them aside knowing I needed a little human interaction to get through my block. After returning from my class I picked up Learn Tunisian Crochet (Tiger Road Crafts) (Volume 2) and decided to work through the first potholder pattern in the book because it seemed like something I could handle. The front of the potholder was made in Tunisian Simple Stitch and the back in Tunisian Knit Stitch.

The simple stitch is a favorite of mine. I still struggle with tightness, but the stitch is as advertised, simple. The knit stitch is finally starting to come along for me, but again, tension is an issue and I have to work on keeping it from getting too tight.

I did find at least with working with the cotton, switching from the bamboo to the metal made sliding the yarn a bit easier. I have been experimenting with different kinds of long handles for the moment and while I thought I'd like the bamboo, I have been having trouble with the cotton not sliding as well as it does on the Bates metal ones.

I was not familiar with Tiger Crafts or the author, but the price was reasonable. I was very impressed with the quality of the pictures. For those looking for formal Tunisian directions, this will likely disappoint. The directions are very simple but the pictures are some of the best I've seen for figuring out hook placement, looking at what the stitches are supposed to look like when finished, and basic explanations for how to complete your tasks. This was my ultimate beginners guide.

I will say I did use cotton instead of the Red Heart Super Saver yarn as suggested as I plan on using them as hot pads. They do come out a bit smaller than I am used to for hot pads. However, for practice the stitch count is a good size.

I have started on the Basket Weave pattern and am trying to decide if it will be a dishcloth or a potholder when I'm finished.

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