Thursday, January 8, 2015

Baby Doll Romper and Skirt

I have developed quite a collection of baby doll patterns that don't quite fit the Mary Maxim doll, but can be adjusted with some work. Today's outfit comes is the "Tiffany" pattern from Harold Magelson & Son's Kith and Kin Kids to Crochet that was published in 1980. I believe these were supposed to be imitation Cabbage Patch kids that you could buy the body parts and crochet the outfits sewing the dolls all together somehow.

In one of my out of print pattern searches I picked up a copy and found some of the outfits could be adapted if you worked around the joining of the hands and legs to the actual outfits you want to crochet.

Like many of the outfits, I have made over the years for this doll it does take a little adapting, but I think it was worth the effort. One of the advantages of working with the same dolls year after year, is you do start to get a feel for how to adapt these outfits.

I like this outfit because you have a romper with an add on skirt. I thought it made a cute outfit. It can be worn as just a romper or if the child wants, a little bit dressier with the skirt.

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