Monday, January 4, 2016

American Girl Cinderella

My DH will often ask me for a list of digital or book crochet patterns I want for Christmas and then he picks from the list and I get some wonderful items for Christmas, birthdays, etc. I never know which ones he'll pick, but this year one of the ones that made it on to the list was Sweet Silver Creations' Cinderella found here.

This is a great pattern and I was looking to add more princess outfits to my donation pattern options. The pattern works up quickly, the only challenge I had was making sure I counted the stitches in my shells correctly. A shell with too few stitches really screws up the next row and I had to pull out and redo a few times when I got distracted.

Finishing this despite the challenges has made me reconsider an Easter dress I abandoned a few years ago. I think my challenge with the Easter dress, as with this dress was misplaced shell stitches. If I am more careful counting each row I might be able to complete that one this year as well.

It is hard to tell with this picture, but the dress comes with a crocheted necklaces and headband. I think I may use those patterns for some other outfits as well.

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