Tuesday, January 5, 2016

American Girl Rainy Day

This has been one of the darkest rainy winters I can remember. A friend from Crochetville designed a group of patterns called Weatherby available for free here. With this weather the raincoat seemed like the perfect project to make after I finished Cinderella. When I started reading the directions for the raincoat, I discovered she'd designed a dress that would fit under the raincoat so I made that as well.

This is a fun pattern. The coat is made in one piece and then sewed together. I've never made anything this way and it was a fun design that worked up quite quickly. A swap partner sent me a bag of buttons a few years ago and I've recently rediscovered the many goodies it holds. I found some adorable duck feet buttons to finish off the coat.

The dress allowed me to continue my quest to use up my friend's yarn. I love the neck of this dress. It is an interesting design and I like the way it looks. I haven't worked one this way before, but I like the design and how it works up.

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