Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Easy Peasy Doll Afghan

I love finding a pattern that you can make, enjoy, and repeat. Last year I found Michelle Crean's Easy Peasy Doll blanket pattern in the 2015 Crochet Calendar and made two for last year's donation. This year it was one of the first patterns I pulled out of my doll pattern binder to repeat.

I had nasty head cold and decided blankets required little more than counting to make sure the pattern would turn into the intended object. Doll clothes require trying on and making sure the items fit. So I opted for blankets. I actually started two blankets at about the same time, finishing this one first.

I changed the pattern using an I hook and Red Heart Super Saver. I tried the suggested yarn last year and with my tension the blankets were too small and I ended up using I Love this Yarn and Red Heart Super Saver for the 18 Inch doll blankets I made. It took me just barely 3 skeins to finish it off all in one color. If I'd used a contrasting color I probably could have used two skeins of the variegated and one of the contrasting color.

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