Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Annie's Released Down on the Farm as an e-Pattern

Back in 2010 I picked up this pattern from a used pattern site and found out it was rare and hard to find a copy. People have asked me about my posts about it over the years but I don't violate copy rights to patterns to send out copies of stuff. The good news is Annie's is starting to recognize the value of their old patterns and is starting to release some of their older patterns that are incredibly hard to find as e-patterns. I came across this pattern while trying to link to another blog. I just had to post to let people who have wanted this pattern know it is now in reach and without the crazy second hand price costs for original print patterns. I love the old Annie's patterns, but not for the collectible value of them, but for the patterns that I want to make. Hopefully, they will continue to release more of what's in the vault.

It's funny because this is on my list of patterns for the same child that has been getting the holiday packages. It made me so glad to think others can enjoy it too.

Now for the link.You can find the pattern here.

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Lois Evensen said...

How cute! I love the old patterns, too.

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