Monday, December 24, 2018

American Girl Craft Sale Finds

Merry Christmas Eve to all. This is the day my family gathers together to celebrate Christmas. From the first year we were married I got DH's family to join us in the holiday fun and good wishes. I feel very blessed this year that do to the generosity of friends local and online and family that this was one of the largest donations we've ever been blessed to make to Aztec wishes. Hopefully we will be able to make more children happen next year as well.

Earlier this month at a Church Christmas sale I found a booth with hand sewn American Girl clothes. This is not unusual and while I enjoying looking at the clothes I tend to spend my donation dollars on new patterns, yarn, and other items I need to create the doll and toys I donate. I rarely buy stuff from vendors to donate.

This booth was unique in several ways. The prices were unusually low. When I inquired I discovered the grandmother had created the project to teach her granddaughters how to sew and they wanted to sell some items to make some Christmas money. As I looked the outfits over I realized while they were simple they were well made. If I'd had a doll on hand to try them on I'd probably have bought more clothes. However, for the very reasonable prices they were asking I was more than willing to risk buying a few and bringing them home. As I mentioned my plan to donate the clothes with my regular donations in 2019 for Aztec wishes the grandmother was thrilled as she mentioned she was a retired employee of the school. I will be checking back next year to see if the girls are back with their clothes.

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