Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Baby Doll Summer Fun Set

One of the things that made this past years donation project special was I was determined to try projects in my crochet pattern binders that I had printed either free or paid patterns and never made. This Crochet Yarn Summer Fun Set is a paid pattern found here. It had felt good to know I'm finishing patterns I've I requested as gifts or even just downloaded when they were free and didn't just hide them in a binder for some day.

In theory this pattern does work up quickly. The main challenge my brain seemed to have was working in spaces rather than into stitches. I read the directions. In theory I understood the directions. At times I even performed the directions for a row. Then I'd get distracted with something going on around me and before I knew it I'd find I'd started working my stitches into the stitches from the previous round and I'd have to pull back to where I'd been working the directions correctly.

This is an adorable set and I don't know why I haven't made it before. It was a great chance to use up yarn from the doll blanket from the Big Sister project as the trim for this outfit.

This dress was designed for the Bitty Baby not the 16 inch doll I used so I made some adjustments. The fit of the suit was fine. However the skirt was too short to cover the bathing suit as shown in the pattern so I added rows. The coverup had the same issue so I again added rows to have it equal the length shown in the pattern picture.

As for the shoes these were a PERFECT FIT!!! If you follow this blog you will know shoes have been a challenge for this doll. I have 2 patterns now that fit and I'll be using them more frequently to provide shoes for the dolls.


Lisa said...

My mom is wanting me to crochet a pair of booties for a doll she found. I have yet seen the doll but the way she explains it, it looks like this one. I would love to know what pattern you used for the baby booties.

Sheltie Times said...

The link was in the post but I put the hyperlink here for you it is a paid pattern

If you are interested in Mary Jane like shoes for the baby doll there is a free pattern here


This is another free pattern that also fits the dolls


You may have to play with hook size and yarn to get them to fit as no dolls are exactly alike. The feet can be tricky with baby dolls as the designers sometimes have the feet curl rather than leaving them flat as they do with dolls designed to stand. Good luck.

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