Thursday, January 9, 2020

Bert the Triceratops

While I speak mostly about the little girls I make presents for a couple of years ago a family member had a little boy who had a dinosaur baby theme. I made a blanket and some dinos. I always had the intention of getting back to making more dinos but life has a way of mocking you. So this Christmas after finishing off the girls stuff I got to working on the dinosaurs.

If you are ever stuck and need a quick dino crochet pattern Bizzy Crochet's Bert pattern is for you. You can find the free pattern here.

Bert was another great stash busting project. This was a lighter yarn I'd bought for a teddy bear project a while back and hadn't had a use for it since. Bert was a quick day project and using the lighter yarn and f hook he was a nice small size compared to many of the dino pattern that are huge and can make storage of the animals more challenging. This is also more in line with play size which is also a plus.

After finishing this around December 10th I immediately began work on a reindeer ornament and a T-Rex. The T-Rex is larger but using lighter yarn smaller than the pattern suggested. The reindeer is using the same yarn as Bert. I'm hoping to finish off that skein and see it gone with this project.

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Lalka Crochetka said...

such a cutie! I am sure it brought a lot of happiness and joy during Christmas :)

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