Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Our Generation Seashell Summer Dress

Every year I make an attempt to work through fiber that has taken up residence in my stash and really needs to find a purpose. I bought this size 3 yarn last year to make this dress and then ended up using different yarn for the project. When I started this project I decided it would go to which ever 18" doll it fit best. It turned out to be too big for the My Life Doll so it is the first item I made for the Our Generation doll this year.

I tried the suggested C hook but it was too small for either doll. I moved to a G hook and found while it was large for the My Life doll it fit the Our Generation Doll. I'd start with the F hook next time for the My Life Doll.



It took slightly under 3 containers of Aunt Lydia's size 3 cotton to complete the dress, hat, and purse. I used a size g hook for the top of the dress to get the right fit. I then used an e hook for the skirt as it was too full with the g hook. I slipped stiched the back closed to the wasit and required only one button to close the back.

Row 6 clarification in case I lose my pattern notes Ch 3 3 shells 4 fans with sc in sp between shell, 5 shells, 4 fans with sc in sp between shell, 3 shells 1 dc in last dc

Hat and Bag:

I used an E hook for both.

You can find the free dress pattern here, the hat pattern here, and the bag pattern here.

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