Monday, March 8, 2021

Lots to Love 8 Inch Doll Leprechaun

I started this Holiday Doll Project back last Easter as kind of a way to cheer myself up and bring a new holiday tradition to my life during COVID. I'm almost back to the beginning as I started with Easter last year. I have a 5" pattern I'm going to try to adapt for this year's Easter Doll.

The Leprachaun is an adaptation of several patterns from the out of print House of White Birches leaflet Crochet Holiday Baby Dolls 101102. The hat and coat are from the St. Patrick's Day pattern. The shirt and a longer version of the pants are from the Valentine's Day pattern. The shoes are from the Thanksgiving Day pattern. The buttons I used to decorate the outfit I purchased at Factory Direct. I've been picking up more decorative holiday buttons there lately.

As I've mentioned in previous posts the dolls these patterns were designed for are technically larger in some areas but adaptable because body size differs and even outs some of the challenges. The pattern calls for sport weight yarn but I used worsted weight yarn and a g hook for all the clothing. The trim is Knit Picks Brava Sport Yarn using an e hook. The worsted was just too heavy for the coat trim.

I made this note previously but I will add it to here as well to make the pants fit I followed the first 2 rows joined and skipped to row 5. I continued with the leg pattern until I felt it was long enough that it wouldn't interfere with the higher boots. I had to fiddle with the hat pattern but I was pleased with the outcome. I followed to pot pattern but added rows and then did a row of back loop half double crochets to give the pot and edge. To make the pile of gold I started on the remaining loops and sc around. I then began a pattern of decreases and stuffed before closing.


Kimberly said...

It's amazing what you can do with crochet. Both the dolls look so cute :)
Thanks for sharing this at our #HomeMattersParty

Naush said...

Such adorable crochet dolls ! Thank you for sharing with us at Meraki Link Party. We're delighted that you joined the party.
Much love

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