Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Lots to Love 10 Inch Doll Pink Romper

I promised myself I'd keep attacking orphan and neglected items in my stash. Crochet thread has periodically appeared in my stash and sadly not always been used in a timely fashion and has taken up long term residence in my stash. I've been going through my binders of doll patterns looking for ways to attack my stash and came across an out of print Annie's Attic Crochet Twin Baby Dolls pattern 872017.

This pattern suggests the designs are for 12 inch dolls but I've learned over the years that the length of the doll is often not as relevent as the other measurements not included about the doll. I decided to try making the doll with the Aunt Lydia's Crochet, Size 10 thread and I quickly found the designer's doll had a narrower neck than the 8" Lots to Love doll.

When I started this project it wasn't clear which of the Lots to Love dolls this outfit would fit. As I worked through it the first time I narrowed it down to the Lots to Love 10 inch doll but even then I need to make adjustments to get the outfit to fit the doll as the shapes of the doll are clearly different.


I started by chaining 61 instead of 41 stitches.

For the first two rows I used the Tulip Etimo 1.80mm Crochet Hook as I don't currently have a 2mm or size 4 steel crochet hook the pattern suggests.

After the first 2 rows I switched to a .9mm hook for the rest of the project as I found the items to be too large for this doll with the 1.8mm hook.

Follow pattern to arm hole row 9

15 dc ch 14 67dc ch 14 15 dc

Row 10 do in same color as shirt change colors for row 11

Row 11 Crochet even

Row 12 2 dc dc dec around

Rows 13-19 dc around

Follow leg directions

Decrease legs

Trim chain 3 sc around

Follow sleeves decrease to fit

Trim chain 3 sc around

This is one of the more interesting shoe patterns I've seen as they don't crochet around the back of the chain they start in rows and then crochet around the rows to create the shoe bootie. These shoes fit the Lots to Love 10" doll with the .9mm hoook as written.

The pattern includes straps to make the romper look more like overalls. I didn't like the look so I left them off.

I added an increase row in the hat and I'm on the fence about it. The hat was tight without it but loose with it perhaps fewer increases next time?

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