Thursday, May 20, 2021

Skipper Ski Outfit

After making Ken's ski outfit, the plan was to make Barbie's ski outfit from the same White Birches leaflet Crochet Wardrobe for 11 1/2 inch Fashion dolls which was in the same section of the leaflet.

One of the advantages of donating multiple sized dolls is if an outfit doesn't fit one doll I still have a chance of getting it to fit one of the other dolls. In this case I thought the hook size would remain consistant for both Barbie and Ken's outfits. I'd used a C hook with Knit Picks Palette fingering yarn and the fit was good for Ken.

However, I found the pants a little small for Barbie and thought it would be worth trying them on Skipper to see how they fit. The pants were a much better fit for Skipper. The sweater was a toss up. Either Barbie or Skipper can wear it, if you have sisters you may have experienced closet raiding.

Since Skipper's pants were complete she gets the sweater for the donation. If all the dolls end up with one child I suspect over time they will likely share clothes that are close in size.

I'm going to try Ken's pants on Barbie and see how close they are to fitting Barbie. It will at least give me an idea of where I want to make the change, larger hook size, more starting stitches, etc.

Someone posted on a recent comment asking me if I sell or donate the doll clothes. I work with a local tech high school that does a holiday toy drive every year. With COVID that wasn't possible last year and I donated directly to the charity they work with to make sure the dolls got to the kids.

I buy dolls to donate and have duplicate models to size the clothes to so I know the clothes fit before sending them off to the donation. I include a picture of the model doll wearing the clothing in the baggie with the outfit so the child and parent can see what the outfit looks like on the doll or a model similiar to one they recieve in the donation.

I'm fortunate to have family and friends from Crochetville who also send items for the donations each year. This year I've started a thread that will post in November that documents all the items made.

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Jayne said...

I feel like I say this every week, but I am amazed by how many projects you get through!
Another lovely little outfit. :)

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