Monday, May 17, 2021

Stacie Short Set

I mentioned last week that I was working on patterns from an out of print Annie's pattern book, Fashion Doll Sister and Me 87D21 for Skipper. While working on a dress I wondered how the patterns for the 9" Skipper doll could be adjusted to fit Stacie a 7" doll.

While I liked the way Skipper's shirt fit in my original attempt at the short set I was concerned with the shorts. They seemed a little small for Skipper. I decided this would be a good place to start with Stacie. I tried the set on Stacie and while the shorts were a better fit for Stacie, the shirt was too large. I changed to the Aunt Lydia's Size 10, Wood Violet I used for Skipper's dress and used a 1mm crochet hook to get a good fit for Stacie's top.

I had added trim to Skipper's shirt to match her shorts so I needed to remake her shirt with Aunt Lydia's Size 10-Monet so they'd continue to match. I used a 1.5mm hook for a better fit. I joined the shorts after the fourth row and added a row before splitting the shorts for the legs. I also added a chain 4 for the split.

I missed the scarf when I made Skipper's outfit so I went back and made one for Skipper when I made one for Stacie. With Stacie's ponytail, the scarf fits Skipper better than Stacie but I was glad to add the accessories for both dolls.

I had fun getting some fresh air and taking some pictures outdoors of the girls. I try to get a picture of the doll wearing the outfit to include in each doll clothing bag so the child can see what the outfit is supposed to look like on the doll.


Unknown said...

so cute, my little girl will surely love this

XmasDolly said...

Too sweet. My granddaughter and now 2 great granddaughters would absolutely fall in love with these. Thanks for sharing.

Dee | said...

How cute! Do you sell these or donate them? I see you said you try to get a picture to include in each bag so the child can see what the outfit is supposed to look like. Thanks so much for linking up with me at the Unlimited Link Party 26.

Sheltie Times said...

Hi Dee. Prior to COVID the local tech high school did a toy drive every year at Christmas and I buy dolls and dress them for the donation. I've been at it for over a decade now. Last year the dolls went directly to the charity the high school works with so the kids wouldn't miss out on the dolls. I'm hoping the high school will be up and running the program this fall. If not I'll send them off to the charity again.

The pictures are a practical gift to the parents and the kids. I have friends and family who make and donate as well and sometimes I post a picture and people respond telling me what I thought was a skirt is actually a top, etc. So I find a visual that demonstrates where the pieces go is useful.

I don't sell my stuff. It is hard to get people to pay for the value of the product. The other stuff on the blog are generally gifts for family and friends or decorations and house goods for my own needs.

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