Friday, March 4, 2022

Baby Doll Wipes Round 3

I mentioned previously this pattern is from a currently out of print Crochet 'n Play diaper bag set. I've slowly started moving to purchasing some of the items I previously made like the Melissa & Doug Feeding Set.

I'm also considering purchasing the diaper bags as I really don't like making bags and I don't have a regular supplier of them. I'm considering the HappyVk- Baby Doll Diaper Bag for two of the dolls as I still have one left over from last year's donations. I"m still researching my options so we will have to see what happens. I do like including the bags because they provide both play value and storage for all the clothes and accessories that go with the dolls. The toys are supposed to be a gift to the child and family, not add problems of what to do with all the stuff.


The original pattern calls for an e hook and as I was trying to use up a small left over ball from my ball basket I decided to go with the e over the g hook. I didn't have quite enough to finish the project but thankfully had another skein in my stash to finish off the project.

I am pleased I've gathered the left over balls in one place as it has made targeting them for various projects so much easier.

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