Monday, March 14, 2022

16 Inch Baby Doll Bathing Suit

I mentioned I've been making bathing suits for the doll donation hoping it would usher in the warmer Spring weather. As I was making this one we had 6 more inches of snow followed by 50 degree weather. Old Man winter is fighting a losing battle.

This is one of Char's Bitty Baby patterns that can be purchased here.

As often happens when I start a doll outfit I started this project for the Lots to Love 14" doll but using the Herrschners worsted 4 yarn it was too large so I tried it on the 16" doll and an exchange was made.

I have another Dora the Explorer bathing suit pattern so I'm thinking of trying that one for the 14" doll. If not there are other patterns to keep exploring. I am hoping they will all leave with a bathing suit along with other outfits.

I was able to order the last of the dolls I need for the 2022 donation. I was waiting for a reasonable price for the Lots to Love 14" doll and found one at a price I was willing to pay. Next month it will be time to start looking for deals for next year's dolls. It is always wise to put them away when you can find them at a good price. With the cost of goods increasing not sure how many great deals I'll be finding near term but we can always hope. There are people with far greater problems than this in the world and I've been blessed to find all the dolls I do need for 2022.

I have 4 project tracks at the moment. There is the ongoing prep for the doll donation, summer and fall birthday presents, new baby gifts and gifts for big sisters, and ongoing holiday presents. I also have a few random house decoration projects but not a firm track. I'm hoping to divide my time to get all these projects completed.

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