Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Lil Cutesies Irish Lass

Last year I dressed two Lots to Love 8-inch dolls to decorate my house for St. Patrick's Day. This year I returned to Amy Carrico's pattern which you can find as a Crochet World free bonus pattern here to make a dress for the Lil Cutesies Baby Doll St. Patrick's day project.

Since the pattern was adjusted from a 5-inch doll pattern changes were made.

I used worsted weight yarn acrylic yarn for the top and sport weight acrylic yarn for the rest of the project.

I finally finished off a skein of my Red Heart Sport yarn. While part of me is sad to see it go as it is a great size for these doll projects it also makes me feel good to realize I am using yarn I buy it isn't becoming part of a museum exhibit. I've used Hobby Lobby's I Love this Sport yarn and it will fill the gap once my Red Heart ancient supply runs out.


I used a D hook with white worsted acrylic for the top. At some point it might be worth trying with white acrylic sport yarn and a larger hook to see if it would have a softer feel. The D hook with the worsted makes it a bit hard. However the white I have for this project is I believe Mary Maxim baby yarn and not suited to a larger hook.

In order to adjust this pattern I needed to add two rows prior to the arm hole row 3 to give the bodice the length required.

The panties and the skirt were both done in suggested colors and available sport/baby yarn with a D hook.

I used a B hook and sport and Baby yarn for the shoes.

For the hat I also used the sport yarn and D hook. However due to the hard plastic bow on the Lil Cutesies doll head I added an extra row of DC to make the hat fit better on the rim.

I prefer not to repeat patterns in the same cycle so I'm thinking of adapting a Valentine holiday dress I made for the 8-inch baby dolls using perhaps the hat from this pattern. That remains to be seen. I do need to get both finished and mailed.

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RecycleCindy said...

Very cute Irish dress and hat!

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