Friday, March 18, 2022

16 Inch Baby Doll Bib

Still working through the diaper bag items for the doll donation. While I"m buying some items like the feeding kits there are just certain things that work better when you make them to fit the doll. I like making the doll bibs because the generic bibs that come with the feeding kits are hit or miss on fitting the dolls I donate. Like the diapers, I generally have a Three Bears issue that for some dolls the bibs are too large and others too small. The projects are quick so making them is often easier than sending stuff that likely won't be used because it doesn't fit the doll.

For those of you interested this is a free pattern for a Baby bib and a food baby food container and spoon found here. I tried crocheting the baby food container and spoon for a few projects but while crochet play food has great play value the untensils and jars are not as useful as I'd hoped. I shop for sales on the baby doll feeding kits and store them for the donation. The play value is better and I'd rather spend my time making things that kids will use.

To get this bib to fit the larger doll I've made the following adjustments:

Start with a chain 16

Continue pattern for 20 rows

Row 21 do row 11 neck shaping

Chain 40 stitches for ties

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