Monday, February 28, 2022

My Life Bathing Suit

Every year I try to challenge myself to go through the doll pattern binders and pick out a pattern I have never made or one that I haven't made for a while to challenge myself.

Long after I was at the teach yourself to crochet kits I came across Boye's I Taught Myself To Crochet 18" Doll Clothes kit and picked it up. I passed on the Boye hooks and the other accessories have long since been absorbed or disposed off but I put the booklet in one of the 18 inch doll binders thinking I'd get to the patterns at some point.

I would argue most of these patterns are not in the category of teach yourself. I've been doing this for a few years and there are a couple of places where better directions and pictures would have been helpful in the shaping of the swimsuit.

The pattern comes with a bag and a beach blanket. I chose not to add the additional accessories as time is a factor. I have St. Patrick's Day and Easter outfits to make. I've got to read the directions for an afghan and of course there are always more doll dresses to make.


I ended up using an e hook with Aunt Lydia Size 3 Crochet Thread, White,Blue Hawaii, and purple.

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