Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Lil Cutesies Bathing Suit

As a snowstorm was hitting New England at the end of January I had this contrary idea of starting a bathing suit project for the donation dolls.

I began with Char's Swimsuit pattern that can be purchased here for the Lil Cutesies Baby Doll but expect to see it again. I tried this finished outfit on the Lots to Love 8 inch doll and this pattern will work for that doll as well.

This pattern uses 2 solid colors and one variegated color of size 10 thread. I chose colors I had on hand. The light pink is close to being finished off and I've been trying to target it for smaller projects.


I Worked row 16 in hdc rather than sc as it made the bathing suit ride just a little higher in the back leaving the doll's bottom completely covered.

For my own notes row 17 is worked around the complete doll in the back loops. This is the row the ruffle will be added to around the doll.

I chained 60 for the ties. I found them short at 45. This could just be how I crochet.

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