Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Our Generation Dovetailed

This is another of Darski's free patterns found here. I feel like I'm making headway with my promise to have outfits for the Our Generation Dolls this year, not leaving the task to my Mom.

My guage has been odd and I've always found the Our Generation doll to require different adjustments than the My Life dolls but these seem more extreme than normal. However, my documentation is soley for my own purposes so I can come back and figure out what I did the next time I make this outfit for this doll.

I ended up using a K hook to get the top to fit. I started with the suggested I hook but found the top wouldn't close. I switched to a J hook once the colors changed. I did not record the hook for the skirt but I did not use elastic and did measure the skirt to make sure it could slide on easily and stay up after the first 4 rows. I wrote a note to myself to remind me to do the increases on both side seams for the skirt in each row starting on row 3. I pulled out the skirt several times as I kept forgetting the side increases.

The shoes are from Sweet Silver Creations School Girl Uniform that can be purchased here. As I mentioned earlier my guage has been odd lately. I needed to use an f hook to get the shoes to fit the doll.

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Anne said...

fabulous work, I'm loving the hat. The colours look like a school uniform.

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