Friday, February 4, 2022

16 Inch Doll Diaper Round 3

Well three diapers down and one more to go so each JC Toys -16-inch Baby Doll will leave with a diaper to wear and one to change. Why document each one. Well sometimes I don't. Last year I did them in batches but this year, I'm trying to look at how and when I got stuff done to give me an idea when I look at this next year what worked and what I'll do differently the next time.

For this year I've accepted using an I hook for the free pattern you can find here. For this 3rd diaper I added a decrease row at the crotch for an overall extra row. Not exciting stuff to read but it does improve the item over time. Especially when I read the notes I write here and record them on the pattern as well.

I'm hoping to finish of the diaper bag items early this year and have the chance to try patterns I've not tried for the donation and gifts this year.

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