Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Our Generation Let the Sunshine In

I mentioned in a previous post that I had not done well by the Our Generation dolls with my donations last year despite my Mom's generous box of clothes. I decided this year to make sure I didn't neglect the dolls as I worked through my crochet projects.

Next up we have Let the Sunshine In part of Darski's free Weatherby pattern set found here. This is the same pattern set the bathing suit for the Our Generation doll came from and I decided to continue working from the set and add the dress set to the Our Generation donations.


I used a K hook on the dress for the bodice and an I hook for the skirt. I used a K hook for the Bolero jacket.

I'd only made this jacket once before and the notes I made said it was different but I didn't write down how. This time I took pictures for something that might be obvious to others but had me confused. I knew I'd made this jacket before but I couldn't figure out how it was large enough to fit the doll. The directions for the collar need to be completed prior to adding the arms. The collar increases the size of the jacket working completely around the outside of the jacket. It will eventually bend to form a collar at the top but it is not what one thinks of as working a collar at the top of shirt or jacket.

I took these pictures because I do know when I come back to this project for a future donation I'll appreciate the visual cue to remind me along with the notes I left on the pattern.

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