Friday, February 11, 2022

16 Inch Doll Diaper Round 4 Two Sets Completed

The diaper sets for the JC Toys 16-inch Baby Doll are completed for the 2022 donation. I'm going to move on to some of the other diaper bag accessories before moving on to the smaller doll diapers. It's nice to have a little variety. Since I've started buying the Melissa & Doug Feeding Sets for the donation I don't make bottles anymore. However, I still make the crocheted wipes and I do make the bibs as the ones in the kits don't tend to fit the dolls I send. I do like having the magic bottles and the play food as part of the donation and while I've tried making them over the years, the effort is better spent on other aspects of the donation.

This is a free crochet diaper pattern still available through the Wayback machine here. I use an I hook and snaps to close my diapers. I found snaps were easier than buttons.

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