Friday, February 25, 2022

Baby Doll Wipes Round 2

As I mentioned in my previous post the baby wipes are made using a no longer available Diaper Bag Pattern from Crochet n'play. If the pattern ever does become available again I will happily post it as I think it is a very creative pattern that provides great accessories for children's baby dolls.

When I cleaned out my yarn supply in January I put aside both the yarn balls I had left over from previous projects and the yarn bobbins I hadn't finished off. I often use the left over yarn bobbins on amigurumi projects but they too often have a way of getting lost over time and are not emptied when I need them for my next afghan project. So it seemed a good time to pull them all together in one location and started finding ways to use all of them up.

I made the wipes using a g hook.

The yellow became my next wipes box. I found one more bobbin after I finished this but I'm sure it will work as a trim for another project at some point.

I've written before about checking out Dollar Tree for Barbie items after reading about a Barbie bloggers finds there. Since Christmas I've also been finding play food sets and even a tea set to send off with the larger dolls for the donation. After finding a little kitchen stove top set I thought I'd share these in case anyone else was looking for little sets. I know I'd never have found the Barbie items or now these if someone hadn't shared their finds so I pass on what I've learned to you.

Even in my local Dollar Trees I've found stock differs and when it comes to Barbie and these little food sets they don't often last long. I know I stock up when I find them because I've often gone back myself to find them cleaned out.


Jayne said...

How lovely to donate some little accessories with your dolls! And I just love the little baby doll wipes.

Kim Carberry said...

Aww! How cute and what a great accessory for little one's with dolls. x

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